Non-medical weight loss involves bringing the body in balance for optimal nutrient absorption and metabolic function. The goal is to establish what is preventing the body from effectively burning fat. Cycles of starvation, binging and neglecting nutrition out of sheer exhaustion can make it impossible to stay on track with weight management for the long term. Weight loss isn’t just about how we look. We often feel tired, stressed and unable to do the things we love doing when we’re carrying extra weight. Weight loss is a physical, biological, mental and emotional process that requires so many different aspects of our core “self” to be in alignment. At Functional and Metabolic Medicine of Colorado, we specialize in helping patients throughout the Denver area use nutrition for healthy, sustainable weight management.

How Non-Medical Weight Loss Helps Our Patients See Victories on the Scale

Nutritional needs vary based on your unique genetics and biochemistry. Trying to follow a one-size-fits-all diet leaves many people exhausted, depleted and susceptible to poor nutritional habits. The benefit of working with a functional medicine doctor for natural weight loss is that your plan for weight management is tailored to your unique needs. Plans are based on age, body composition, nutritional needs, hormonal needs, lifestyle, vitamin levels and personal goals. It’s also important to look at the way that lifestyle and stress can be hindering your weight loss goals. Some people who struggle with weight loss are also unknowingly battling hormonal imbalances. We know that leptin, insulin, androgens and growth hormones can all influence things like appetite, metabolism and body fat distribution. While nutrition always plays a role in weight loss, it’s important to consider that hormone levels could be contributing to an accumulation of body fat when diet and exercise aren’t providing results.

What to Expect From Natural Weight Management

Natural, holistic weight loss looks at weight from a whole-body perspective. Many people don’t have the tools to safely and effectively create the right conditions for burning fat, building muscle and maintaining the energy levels needed to thrive in life. Are malabsorption issues or vitamin deficiencies playing roles in weight gain? Are hormones in proper balance for an optimal metabolism? Dr. Susan Sipay uses a three-pronged plan that can include functional nutrition, natural weight loss and intermittent fasting to create the right conditions for safely and effectively burning fat. We’ll start with a one-on-one consultation with a full health assessment. This will be a time to go over your health history, discuss some methods that haven’t been successful for you in the past and explore your goals for weight loss. Dr. Sipay may suggest testing for hormone levels, vitamin levels and other health indicators prior to creating a custom plan for weight management.

Frequently Asked Questions About Non-Medical Weight Loss Services

Many different types of doctors provide support for weight loss and nutrition. Functional medicine doctors are particularly invested in natural weight loss because they understand the whole-body connection between weight and optimal health. Functional medicine doctors create personalized plans that can include intermittent fasting, meal plans and nutrition supplements.

Doctors are increasingly embracing the benefits of intermittent fasting for both weight loss and cognitive clarity. However, not every practice offers guided intermittent fasting as part of a plan for weight loss. Dr. Susan Sipay at Functional and Metabolic Medicine of Colorado is proud to provide support for intermittent fasting as part of our practice’s natural weight loss services.

Patients can book appointments directly with Dr. Sipay at Functional and Metabolic Medicine of Colorado to discuss options for natural weight loss.

See a Natural Weight Loss Doctor Near Denver

Long-term weight management begins with getting your body in balance. That’s why we’re so excited to be able to offer personalized non-medical weight loss designed using research-backed methods. Book your consultation with Dr. Susan Sipay today by calling (720) 791-2911, emailing or booking online.