Men’s health deserves unique attention. We all know the trope about men “never going to the doctor.” The truth is that many men avoid the doctor because they don’t feel that there is much to gain from routine visits. While mainstream medicine tends to simply check boxes when addressing men’s health, functional medicine takes a deeper look at how factors like hormone levels and nutrition are impacting health, performance, disease risks and quality of life. At Functional & Metabolic Medicine of Colorado, T.J. McCollum PA-C offers a whole-body approach to mens health and mens sexual health. Many of our patients come to us after growing frustrated with the mainstream approach of waiting until “something goes wrong” to address underlying health issues.

About Mens Health Services

We offer a variety of mens health services here at our office in the Denver area. Personalized healthcare won’t look the same for all men. Things like age, health history, lifestyle and genetic factors can influence which course of care is appropriate for you. We offer custom support for weight concerns, dietary concerns, nutritional deficiencies, stress, hormone imbalances, erectile dysfunction and much more. In addition, we offer a wide variety of tests and diagnostic tools to help our patients get a health baseline. We also offer a wide variety of treatments to help you address your specific health concerns.

What to Expect From Mens Health Services With a Colorado Functional Medicine Doctor

A visit with our office is never rushed! We’ll begin your first visit with an intensive questionnaire that allows us to get a total health picture. This questionnaire includes questions about your personal medical history, family medical history, lifestyle, goals for seeing a functional medicine specialist and any health concerns you’re having.

Next, T.J. McCollum PA-C will provide a full health physical. You will have plenty of opportunities to speak with T.J. McCollum PA-C about any health concerns or questions you have throughout your visit. T.J. McCollum PA-C will take information from both your health questionnaire and physical to make recommendations about any special diagnostic testing related to nutrition and hormone levels that might be appropriate. She will then collaborate with you on creating a treatment plan that can help to address your specific health concerns based on your unique biophysical profile.

Frequently Asked Questions About Functional Medicine Services for Men

Yes! In fact, many of our patients here at Functional & Metabolic Medicine of Colorado visit us specifically for mens sexual health issues. We offer cutting-edge treatments for ED that help to heal the problem at the source instead of relying on quick-fix pills. ED often points to an underlying health problem that needs to be addressed for whole health. We know that there are links between ED and serious health conditions like heart disease, diabetes, stroke and depression.

While most general practitioners offer services for men, they don’t necessarily specialize in mens health. Dr. Susan Sippay offers specialized care focused on the unique health needs of men in relation to things like hormone levels, testosterone deficiencies, erectile dysfunction, aging and more.

Most doctors offer treatments for mens sexual health issues like erectile dysfunction. However, most don’t have the diagnostic tools and access to science-backed treatments that are offered by doctors specializing in the functional, and (best of all) non-invasive approach to medicine. This is why men are increasingly turning to Denver functional medicine doctors to treat sexual health issues.

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T.J. McCollum PA-C has helped countless men take charge of their health using integrated, whole-body health measures that go beyond the surface. We understand that seeing a doctor for a mens sexual health issue for the first time can be intimidating. Rest assured that our staff is qualified to help you get to the root of your health issues in a supportive, positive environment. Functional & Metabolic Medicine of Colorado specializes in offering personalized care. Book a consultation by calling TJ MCollum, PA-C at (720) 791-2911, emailing or scheduling an appointment online.