Many men unknowingly struggle with hormonal imbalances. They may feel fatigued, depressed and depleted. In addition to reducing quality of life, a hormonal imbalance can increase your risks for disease and illness. Unfortunately, most mainstream care providers do not give hormones the attention they deserve. The reality is that hormones won’t restore to optimal levels on their own once they have started to deplete. At Functional & Metabolic Medicine of Colorado, we offer hormone balancing for men in collaboration with Colorado TRT. We take a whole-body approach to health that factors in the possibility of a hormonal imbalance whenever a patient shows signs and symptoms like weight gain, lethargy and mood changes.

About Hormone Balancing for Men

Low testosterone is one of the most common men’s health issues. However, it is rarely talked about among most care providers. According to Cleveland Clinic, symptoms of low testosterone in men include:

  • Reduced sex drive.
  • Erectile dysfunction.
  • Mood issues.
  • Focus issues.
  • Fatigue.
  • Loss of muscle mass.
  • Thinning body hair.
  • Weight gain.
  • Infertility.

It’s a misconception that low testosterone is something that only affects older men. Men of all ages can experience low testosterone. While many people think of low testosterone as a sexual health issue, testosterone actually plays a key role in men’s health. In addition to being critical for healthy sexual and reproductive function, testosterone also plays a role in building muscle mass, maintaining adequate levels of red blood cells, maintaining bone density and creating a general feeling of well-being.

Why Is Low-Testosterone Treatment Through Hormone Balancing for Men Important?

Low testosterone won’t be corrected on its own. It’s important to first get an understanding of why testosterone levels are being depleted to ensure that any underlying health conditions are being addressed. Next, it’s important to work with a qualified specialist to ensure that you’re getting the correct dosage over the correct span of time based on your unique biophysical profile. New studies have shown that titrating the dose of testosterone specifically to the patient is important in overall health. Testosterone is not a “one-size-fits-all” dosage.

What to Expect From Hormone Balancing for Men in Denver

We’ll begin with a consultation that provides an opportunity to go over your complete health history. We’ll also take this time to complete a medical evaluation. Our patients are encouraged to voice all questions and concerns during this time to help us get a better understanding of how we can help you to reach your wellness goals.

It’s necessary for our staff to ensure that you are a good candidate for hormone balancing before beginning treatment. This is done using a full blood workup to evaluate red blood cells, key organs and the endocrine system. Once it’s been confirmed that you’re an ideal candidate for hormone treatments, you’ll be instructed on how to administer your prescription testosterone treatments at home.

You’ll be asked to return to the office six weeks after beginning hormone therapy for an evaluation. This visit provides an opportunity to assess how the treatments are working. You may be given an updated prescription if we find that a different dosage will help you to achieve optimal benefits. Patients on testosterone replacement treatments only need to visit the office roughly once every three months.

Frequently Asked Questions About Low-Testosterone Treatments for Men

The only way to confirm low testosterone is through a blood test. However, some common signs and symptoms of low testosterone include reduced sex drive, erectile dysfunction, depression, focus issues and fatigue.

Functional & Metabolic Medicine of Colorado in Littleton offers hormone balancing for men in collaboration with TJ McCollum PA-C of Colorado TRT.

It is not safe to do testosterone supplements on your own without a prescription from a medical professional. However, patients are given a prescription for testosterone for a specific dose that can be administered at home. Patients typically only need to make office visits once every three months.

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