Functional & Metabolic Medicine of Colorado offers a non-medical ED treatment called (Andravive™ therapy) for our patients in Littleton, Colorado. Dr. Susan Sipay is able to provide this innovative treatment for men in collaboration with Colorado TRT. Andravive™ therapy is considered a safe, noninvasive treatment for men of all ages. It has quickly become the preferred drug-free treatment for many care providers specializing in functional and integrated medicine. Andravive™ is designed to improve sexual performance and erection quality.

About Treating Erectile Dysfunction Using Andravive™

Andravive™ is an effective, long-lasting alternative to drug treatments for erectile dysfunction (ED). It uses patented acoustic wave technology that increases blood flow, breaks down micro-plaque, encourages the formation of new blood vessels and increases sensitivity in the penis. It has been proven to treat the root causes of ED with long-lasting results in more than 70 clinical studies!

Why Is Finding a Natural Erectile Dysfunction Treatment Important?

Many men assume that “taking a pill” is the only way to enhance sexual performance. While drugs for ED may provide temporary improvements, they don’t provide long-lasting results. This can cause men to enter a frustrating cycle of relying on pills for intimate moments instead of being able to enjoy organic sex lives. Andravive™ therapy is something that gives men confidence without the need to be reliant on pills.

It’s also important for men to know that ED isn’t necessarily an isolated health issue. There are known links between erectile dysfunction and heart disease, stroke, diabetes, depression and other serious health issues. An inability to get or keep an erection could point to a serious vascular issue that is going unnoticed. Getting a proper medical evaluation plays an important role in ensuring that your sexual health is being looked at through a lens of total health and wellness.

What to Expect From Natural ED Treatments

First, Dr. Sipay will speak with you about any health concerns that could be contributing to your ED. Certain health conditions, lifestyle factors and medications can contribute to ED. Next, our office will help you decide if Andravive™ therapy is the best treatment option based on your personal health profile. Andravive™ therapy is a gentle procedure that delivers acoustic waves to the penile tissue. Patients who undergo this treatment can expect increased sensitivity, increased pleasure and more predictable erections.

Frequently Asked Questions About Using Andravive™ Therapy to Treat Erectile Dysfunction

This therapy is available to men of all ages. However, it’s always necessary to be assessed to ensure that this is an appropriate treatment option.

This is a gentle, painless procedure.

Yes, Andravive™ therapy can be used to help treat the painful, bent erections associated with Peyronie’s disease.

We offer access to Andravive™ therapy for patients throughout the Denver area here at Functional & Metabolic Medicine of Colorado in Littleton, Colorado.

Andravive™ therapy uses painless, noninvasive acoustic waves to restore blood flow and circulation in the penile tissue. This targeted approach has a reviving effect that enables many men to achieve full, sustained erections after struggling with ED and performance issues. No medications are needed when using Andravive™ therapy.

Book a Consultation for ED Treatment Near Denver

There’s no need to struggle with ED in silence. Unfortunately, many of the online options targeting men with ED simply don’t work. What’s more, taking non-prescription medications for erectile dysfunction can actually put your health at risk. It’s so important for men to know that ED is often part of a larger health issue that needs to be addressed for total health. Come see us here at Functional & Metabolic Medicine of Colorado to learn more about how a natural erectile dysfunction treatment can benefit you. Plan your consultation by calling TJ McCollum, PA-C (720) 791-2911, emailing or booking an appointment online.