At Functional & Metabolic Medicine of Colorado, we understand the importance of patient-focused women’s health services. We take pride in offering innovative, whole-body treatments focused on aging, sexual health and overall vitality. We are especially proud to offer innovative functional medicine services like hormone balancing for women and Softwave (Renuvive) for patients throughout the Denver area here at our practice in Littleton, Colorado.

If you’re interested in learning more about managing your health from an integrated perspective, book an appointment with Dr. Susan Sipay online, by email or by calling (720) 791-2911.

What to Expect From Functional Medicine for Women

Prior to transferring to functional medicine, Dr. Susan Sipay worked in emergency medicine. The motivation for providing innovative, whole-person female health services here in the Denver area came from a desire to provide care that goes deeper than a 15-minute appointment.

Patients who visit F&M Medicine will notice that we take time to get a full medical health history while investigating the specific health concerns that are important to you. Each patient is truly treated as an individual.

F&M Medicine employs a variety of tools for helping you to achieve optimal wellness while addressing any complex medical issues that may be robbing you of your confidence or vitality. We specialize in noninvasive treatments that work with your body instead of going against it to produce results.

We’re proud to be able to offer advanced testing and laboratory analysis that allow us to provide our patients with information regarding why they may be struggling in certain areas of their health. We offer various therapies and health-management solutions to help you feel your best at any age!

What Benefits Does Using a Functional Medicine Provider for Womens Health Services Provide?

Research shows that the functional medicine model of care creates positive patient-reported health-related quality-of-life outcomes. Our specialized services for women are designed to achieve two different goals. The first is to help you get a baseline for what your health picture looks like. Using metrics like your personal health history, hormone levels, weight and lifestyle, we can help you to discover where there’s room for enjoying increased health, energy and performance. We also focus on disease prevention based on personal health. Secondly, we’re here to help you address any symptoms related to pain, mood, energy levels, weight management or sexual health.

At our office, you will always be seen as a patient instead of a number! Dr. Susan Sipay is passionate about helping each patient create balance in the body for integrated health that allows you to feel your best today while insulating yourself against illness and disease tomorrow. We provide access to cutting-edge treatments focused on getting your body in proper balance for natural healing and rejuvenation.

Frequently Asked Questions About Using Functional Medicine for Women's Health

Absolutely! While it’s not necessary for patients to work with us exclusively when seeking whole-body care for women, we can certainly help you with the full range of health and wellness needs.

Functional medicine is focused on whole-body wellness. When you book a consultation, you can expect a review of your medical history while discussing any symptoms, health concerns or questions that are behind your visit. We’ll cover all areas of your life that contribute to health, wellness and quality of life. In addition, we may recommend specific testing to identify any hormonal or nutritional deficiencies that could be diminishing your quality of life. Finally, we can recommend various nutritional therapies, hormonal therapies, supplementation plans, weight-management plans or noninvasive restorative procedures that can help you to reach your health goals.

Dr. Susan Sipay and the Functional & Metabolic Medicine of Colorado team are proud to offer cutting-edge, patient-focused functional medicine for women for patients throughout the Denver area at our office in Littleton, Colorado. We are currently accepting new patients.