Functional medicine is integrated, whole-body medicine. At Functional & Metabolic Medicine of Colorado, we’re pleased to be able to offer one-on-one consultations and diagnostic testing focused on meeting your unique health needs. We don’t believe that racing through a 15-minute visit is enough to help you make a long-term plan for vitality.

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What to Expect From a Functional Medicine Doctor in the Denver Area

Functional & Metabolic Medicine of Colorado is proud to serve the Denver area because we believe that every patient is a whole person. This mindset enables us to help our patients discover therapies, treatments and lifestyle changes that promote the body’s ability to heal and thrive. Our services for men and women cover:

  • Men’s Health.
  • Women’s Health.
  • Nutrition and Weight Management Using Functional Nutrition, Natural Weight Loss and Intermittent Fasting.
  • IV Nutrition.
  • Hormone Balancing.
  • Pain-Relief Therapy (Acousana Therapy).
  • Hormone Balancing for Men (Low-Testosterone).

Our Denver-area functional care practice is proud to offer advanced laboratory testing and analysis with an emphasis on patient education. We believe that every patient should play an active role in being their own best health advocate! Dr. Susan Sipay is committed to helping patients get to the root causes of pain or loss of vitality.

When you visit our office, we’ll begin with a personal consultation. Prior to visiting us, our patients are also asked to fill out paperwork that will allow us to get a health picture that’s helpful for pinpointing areas of concern. We may suggest specific testing if your health picture indicates an underlying issue that could benefit from clarification or monitoring. Dr. Sipay may also recommend treatments or therapies to help you address health concerns, treat deficiencies or increase vitality. We work in collaboration with Colorado TRT to offer cutting-edge hormonal therapies and supplementation options.

Our office is equipped to help you in areas of nutrition, weight, sexual health and much more. We strive to build a therapeutic relationship with you instead of simply rushing you out the door after checking the right boxes.

How Do You Use Functional Care?

The functional medicine model of care provides an operating system that works to reverse illness, promote health and optimize function by addressing underlying causes, symptoms and functional imbalances in interconnected biological networks.

The intention is to restore the body to an optimal state for healing and performance instead of simply masking symptoms. Our approach is also a patient-centered one that seeks to empower you to understand the root causes of disease.

Frequently Asked Questions About Functional Medicine in Colorado

Yes! Dr. Sipay at Functional & Metabolic Medicine of Colorado offers the functional model of care for patients throughout the Denver area at our office in Littleton, Colorado. New patients are encouraged to reach out to book appointments.

Many doctors specializing in functional care offer IV nutrition therapy due to the understanding that vitamin and nutrient deficiencies can hamper physical performance, cognitive performance, wound healing, disease prevention and overall vitality. Dr. Sipay offers IV nutrition here at Functional & Metabolic Medicine of Colorado.

The model of care encompasses all aspects of women’s health. It emphasizes treatments related to aging and sexual health because these two aspects of health are seen as being integral to overall wellness.

Our men’s health services cover nutrition, weight management, hormonal balance and sexual health. As an integrated care provider, we’re focused on treating common men’s health issues like low testosterone and erectile dysfunction with effective options like hormone balancing and Andravive™ therapy.