Establishing a baseline for key health indicators through laboratory testing is an important part of functional medicine. In fact, lab tests guide more than 70 percent of medical decisions. At Functional and Metabolic Medicine of Colorado in Littleton, we’re proud to be able to offer cutting-edge laboratory testing analysis services for our patients.

Our testing protocols enable us to provide targeted treatments in the areas of hormone balancing, men’s health, women’s health and more. It’s so important to take the “guessing” out of getting a diagnosis by looking at concrete biological indicators that allow your doctor to create a custom care plan. Many of our patients find that they are able to live with increased vitality while eliminating a wide variety of symptoms and ailments after getting answers through advanced laboratory testing and analysis at our functional medicine office near Denver.

About Laboratory Testing

Many people want to know how the advanced laboratory testing offered by Dr. Susan Sipay in Littleton, Colorado, works. Our comprehensive approach to lab testing involves testing, analysis and patient education. That means that we take time to interpret your results with you to empower you to choose treatment paths and lifestyle changes based on what your body is lacking.

We offer Geneva and Dutch testing at our office. Genova testing provides comprehensive testing for the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of a variety of complex chronic diseases. In addition to providing information regarding results in the areas of gastrointestinal/immunology, nutritional, endocrinology and genomics testing, Geneva testing can be an incredible resource for creating personalized plans for balancing your hormone levels for optimal health and function. Dutch testing uses urine analysis to provide a comprehensive assessment of a patient’s sex hormones, adrenal hormones and metabolites. Specialized panels can also be ordered to assess cortisol responses.

Why Is Professional Laboratory Test Analysis Important?

It’s not always easy to pinpoint the cause of your symptoms using just a physical. Many patients suffering from chronic stress, adrenal fatigue or hormonal imbalances experience symptoms like fatigue, weight gain, brain fog, muscle pain, mood changes and low libido. Identifying the specific imbalances or deficiencies responsible for these symptoms makes developing a custom treatment plan much easier. That means that patients can get on the road to feeling better, getting the body in balance and preventing disease much faster.

What to Expect From Laboratory Testing With a Colorado Functional Medicine Doctor

Our office is proud to be able to offer noninvasive lab testing without the need to have blood drawn. You’ll begin with a consultation with Dr. Susan Sipay to go over your health history, any concerns that are on your mind and your reasons for seeking support. We’ll then help you to determine which testing panels are appropriate for getting the important answers about your health you want to know.

Frequently Asked Questions About Functional Medicine Laboratory Test Analysis

Yes, we use Geneva and Dutch testing to help identify hormonal deficiencies for both men and women at our office. These results enable us to create a tailored plan for male hormone supplements, female hormone supplements, nutritional supplements, IV nutrition, lifestyle management and more.

Dr. Susan Sipay offers Geneva testing at Functional and Metabolic Medicine of Colorado in Littleton, Colorado.

The benefit of working with a functional medicine doctor is that your care provider will be able to recommend appropriate tests based on your medical history, age and specific health concerns. A big part of the laboratory testing experience we offer here at Functional and Metabolic Medicine of Colorado is the education provided for making sense of your results. This one-on-one counseling enables our patients to make informed choices about treatments for restoring balance in the body.